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PAN - 1970 - Pan (Hard, Prog, Rock)

PAN - 1970 - Pan

Line-up :
Robert Lelievre (chant, guitare)
Thomas Puggaard-Müller (guitare)
Henning Verner (piano, orgue, vibes)
Arne Würgler (basse, violoncelle)
Michael Puggard-Müller (batterie)

Titres : 
01. My Time
02. If
03. Song to FRance
04. They Make Money With The Stars
05. Il N'y Pas Se Longtemps de Ça
06. Many Songs Have Been Lost
07. Tristesse
08. To Get Along Alone
09. We Must Do Something Before The End Of The Day
10. Lady Of The Sand
11. In a Simple Way
12. Right Across My Bed

Ce groupe Danois hard/prog/rock a été formé par le français Robert Leilevre qui voyageait en Europe pour échapper au service militaire et s'est posé au Danemark. Pan a réalisé un album studio et enregistré une session sur une radio danoise (On The Air - DR Sessions). L’album est excellent, les compositions sont variées et abouties. A noter également que les pistes 5 et 7 sont en français. Le groupe s'est déchiré à cause de Robert et ses problèmes avec les démons... Il s'est suicidé plus tard en 1973.


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  1. The band was named after the Greek god Pan. As the legend goes, Pan was the god of shepherds.
    In Copenhagen, Denmark in June 1969, from the ashes of Danish/French/English folk-rock band High Crossfield, former Cy, Maia & Robert folk trio member singer/songwriter/guitarist Frenchman Robert Lelièvre formed Pan with former Burnin' Red Ivanhoe bassist and jazz musician Arne Würgler. They soon added former Delta Blues Band guitarist Thomas Puggaard-Müller, and his brother Michael Puggaard-Müller (also of Delta Blues Band), and lastly jazz organist Henning Verner (from Henning Verner's Trio) to the line-up.
    Pan's debut concert was on November 29th 1969 in Dagmar as part of the concert series Middle Session, which also featured Burnin Red Ivanhoe and Free Buffalo.
    The original self-titled PAN LP was recorded between February and March 1970 at the Wifos studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Freddy Hansson served as both producer and recording engineer on the album, while the band they were in charge of production. On February 23rd, the almost-finished tape recordings of Pan's debut LP were stolen from Freddy Hansson's red Morris Mascot, as he was busy catching a show at the Carlton SIC. Apparently two thieves broke into Hansson's car and stole not only the tapes, but also two expensive reel-to-reel tapes recorders. The group's manager, Walter Klæbel, quickly offered a reward of 1.000 DKK for the procurement of the tapes. The group had to re-recorded the entire album at a cost of 25.000 DKK. On March 5th, Pan was soon back on the stage in Falkoner Centre supporting Booker T. & The M.G.'s. During the spring, the group also recorded three instrumental numbers to a short film for the Trafikrådet, again in Wifos studio (though from a 2008 Q & A piece for this site, Pan's 2nd bassist Jens Elbøl recalls the group recording music for a Polish short-film at ASA Studios in Copenhagen around October 1970 - which is correct, who knows?
    Pan's debut LP was soon released in May that year with a pressing of 1000 copies on the legendary Sonet label. Poul Brunn, along with the band, created the LP's striking cover artwork, while Teit Jørgensen shot the inside cover photographs. Their album is one of those tightly arranged and strictly produced efforts, polished to make Lelievre's songs shine. Most of the tracks blend various styles of rock, folk, jazz and small drops of classical and gospel into a strong and potent brew - it strikes me each time I hear it how homogenous and forceful it is. This album, full of changing moods characterized by spatial consonance sounds Hammond organs, heavy batch of electric guitars and nice vocals (with two recordings in French)come as no surprise that such an intelligent and emotional album met little commercial success.
    Disenchanted, the group broke up within months. Robert Lelievre attempted to establish a solo career but Sonet left a completed 1971 album unreleased.
    Lelievre commited suicide in Copenhagen 26 August 1974.
    An world lost one of the most talented songwriters of his generation.